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14 janeiro, 2008

Google Fridge

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Well, today I'm writing down my post in English, because today is the last day of the Google Fridge Giveaway. That is a contest where we have to write a post and answering the question: "What would I do if I win the Google Fridge?". For me the answer is a very simple one, I'd put stuff in it, mainly water, 'cause I live in a very fuckin' hot city called Manaus, and since Google is successful in almost everything that it does, maybe it will cool my life a little. But the only thing that I'm not thinking in a way of using is the warmer, 'cause the natural heat is the free warmer around here, you just put anything you want to warm into your car (for example) around 10 am, and by midday its hot. So, there are plenty of occasions that I can use the fridge, the possibilities are endless:

- in a Barbecue: 

Copy of barbecue_web                                                 at least the beer is cold!

- at the soccer practice:

soccerpracticewe                Why do you think they are so good? Cold Gatorate!

- at the lan party:

lanparty               Every geek must have one!

- for finnish it up:

geek   ................................

And so on......

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